Utilizing this Trainer:

Dispatch the mentor in the first place, then dispatch the Game and afterward Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Tune in for “Initiated”.

Press fancied alternative key

Choices in Promo:

Numpad 4: Remove HUD


Numpad 1: No Damage

Numpad 2: Freeze Opponents

Numpad 3: Stop Timer

Numpad 4: Remove HUD

Numpad 5: Super Credits

Numpad 6: 99 Parts

Numpad 7: Free Repairs

Numpad 8: Free Recovery


Numpad 1: No Damage – flip on and the harm arrangement of the amusement is killed.

Numpad 2: Freeze Opponents – flip on and most AI autos will quit working.

Numpad 3: Stop Timer – just utilize this after the clock in the diversion is appearing and has as of now began dropping.

Numpad 4: Remove HUD – flip on and the HUD vanishes.

Numpad 5: Super Credits – flip on while in the battle bit of the diversion and following a few moments or after you win a few credits, you will see it start to increment. Kill once you see the esteem is expanding.

Numpad 6: 99 Parts – ONLY USE AS DIRECTED! To utilize this, click MY GARAGE, then snap CUSTOMIZE, then PARTS SHOP. While in the PARTS SHOP, squeeze this key ONCE, and after that leave and returned and you will have 99 sections to spend.

Numpad 7: Free Repairs – flip on while in the diversion and when you get decimated or destroyed, you can repair and it costs nothing.

Numpad 8: Free Recovery – flip on while in the diversion and when you stall out or turned over and require recuperation, you can recoup and it costs nothing.

Briefly Disable Hotkeys:

To briefly handicap the Hotkeys, press CTRL-H after coach is initiated. You can utilize CTRL-H to re-initiate the Hotkeys also.

Making Custom Hotkeys:

You can tap on the real alternative in the Trainer application itself to adjust the Hotkey or the esteem utilized for that choice. The coach will spare your hotkeys for you. To erase your Custom Hotkeys for this coach, press the Debug Tab and afterward press CTRL-K and the keys will be erased.

*Use this link to download CARMAGEDDON: MAX DAMAGE – TRAINER on your Windows or Mac Computer, updated Monday 19th November 2018:
*Use or download CARMAGEDDON: MAX DAMAGE – TRAINER using your iOS or Android device. You can unlock the download link and save it for later:



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