City was worked with a mammoth constrain field securing it. A definitive any desire for survival for mankind. UAC Marines could begin a crusade to clean Earth’s surface executing all evil presences while they could keep up a safehouse that would dependably be ensured against anything.DOOM GAME MOD ARMAGEDOOM DEMO

In any case, arranges dislike anticipated. Another compel controlled by a more noteworthy malevolence never observed made new gateways, which permitted the formation of new entryways, with new races of hellspawn. One of these entries opened behind Metropolis’ Force Field. The devils have invade the Nuclear Power Plant, and handicapped the drive field. City have been confronting an incredible attack that have been going on for quite a long time. The protections at suburbia have fallen, and now the devils are walking towards the Downtown. The regular folks have no real way to empty, and humankind again confronts its Last Stand.


You are Sergeant Stan “Sarge” Blazckowicz, a hereditarily designed Super Marine. Sarge was from the original of Super Marines: more capable than some other sort of marine, however with horrifying mental issue. Sarge has exceptional quality and continuance, yet he experiences DNA degeneration. He is a courageous woman someone who is addicted, and he always have solid migraines and hear voices in his mind, and have been in prison throughout the previous 2 years blamed for killing Marines and regular folks. Presently with the war start lost, the Marine High Command have discharged him.

Sarge is the main marine sufficiently renegade to do such mission: break the attack, get into the Nuclear Power Plant, and turn the shields on once more.

Commander Phobos and Lieutenant Crash, which are super marines from the Second Generation were relegated to the mission with Sarge with two or three different Marines and shaped the Bravo Squad. They should help Sarge to achieve the Power Plant, yet the gathering got trapped in the roads of Downtown, and now they are isolated. Your main goal: regroup with Bravo Team, move into the Power Plant, and turn the shields on once more.


You will always wind up battling against expansive bunches of creatures in ArmageDoom. You have exceptionally powerfull weapons like a full-auto attack rifle as beginning weapon, and you may discover self-loader and full-auto shotguns, miniguns, substantial .50 cal automatic weapons, flamethrowers, and even atomic weapons.

The most prominent component in ArmageDoom is the new gameplay. Most questions of the world can be utilized as weapons. Waste jars, vases, and even toilets can be utilized as weapons. Get close to one of such questions, select the Fists, and punch these items. You can do genuine harm with them. You can undoubtedly execute a Demon with a waste can, and in the event that you locate a sufficiently major window box, you can even murder a Baron of Hell with it.

Theres additionally an extremely complex fire framework. On the off chance that you utilize the flamethrower or the ignitable projectile in a territory with a high vegetation, the fire will spread, and set close trees and other close territories with high grass ablaze. You can without much of a stretch make some enormous zone of-foreswearing harm zones in the event that you break down the maps and utilize the correct weapons in the opportune time.

Additionally, If you are playing coop, one player can squat and make a stage for another player to get into a higher place to snatch a super defensive layer or a megasphere.

To dispatch this mod utilize GZDoom.

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