Utilizing this Trainer:

Dispatch the mentor to begin with, then dispatch the Game and afterward Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Tune in for “Initiated”.

Press craved choice key

Choices in Promo:

Numpad 8: Add Gold – gives you 1 copper


Numpad 1: Unlimited Health

Numpad 2: Unlimited Mana

Numpad 3: Party Health

Numpad +: Level Up

Numpad – : Level Down

Numpad 4: Add Experience

Numpad 5: Attributes Points

Numpad 6: Skills Points

Numpad 7: Talent/Spell Points

Numpad 8: Add Gold

Numpad 9: Instant Cooldowns

Numpad *: Remove Spells

Numpad 0: Unlimited Items

Numpad/: Item Editor

[ Key: Drain Health

] Key: Heal Unit

; Key: Remove Restrictions

” Key: Unlimited Rogue Stealth


Numpad 1: Unlimited Health – tries to keep your player alive.

Numpad 2: Unlimited Mana – tries to keep your mana pool alive.

Numpad 3: Party Health – tries to keep all individuals from your gathering alive.

Numpad +: Level Up – level will rise.

Numpad – : Level Down – level will fall.

Numpad 4: Add Experience – adds understanding to current character.

Numpad 5: Attributes Points – adds a credit indicate current character.

Numpad 6: Skills Points – adds a Skill indicate current character.

Numpad 7: Talent/Spell Points – includes a Talent/Spell indicate current character.

Numpad 8: Add Gold – enter the stock in any event once and after that leave the stock. Squeeze this key and you will have more cash.

Numpad 9: Instant Cooldowns – things on your activity bar amid diversion play will in a split second be prepared to utilize once more.

Numpad *: Remove Spells – squeeze this key when you are being harmed purchase harms, and so on to expel them from you. This spell is dynamic for around 8 seconds and will likewise expel great spells from you so utilize it shrewdly

Numpad 0: Unlimited Items – things on your activity bar will be endless.

Numpad/: Item Editor – Open your stock and select a rundown of things that are either covering or weapons. Next float your mouse over the thing you wish to alter. Press the alternative key. A window will open up showing this present thing’s data (the data may not be indistinguishable to what is shown in the amusement). You may need to alt-tab to Windows Desktop to see the window. Next, alter the qualities to your loving. A few esteems are products or influence the qualities in the amusement uniquely in contrast to others. At any rate, when finished, press F1 to spare the qualities. Alt-tab once more into the diversion (if vital) and you will see that your thing has been changed. Change the harm of weapons, the range, or the protective layer esteem, and so on. Change the qualities until you get the in-amusement esteem that suits you. Make your own particular Super Weapons!

[ Key: Drain Health – mouse over units that show wellbeing bars on them. Squeeze key to deplete that unit’s wellbeing.

] Key: Heal Unit – mouse over units that show wellbeing bars on them. Squeeze key to increast to most extreme that unit’s wellbeing.

; Key: Remove Restrictions – a few weapons and protection require that your character meets certain prerequisites. Squeeze this key and after that enter the stock. You ought to have the capacity to prepare things now.

” Key: Unlimited Rogue Stealth – This alternative enables your rebel to remain stealthed constantly. Go into stealth mode with the rebel and after that turn the alternative on. You will stay in stealth mode uncertainly. To kill, squeeze choice again and afterward stealth on and off afresh.


For choices 4-9, please take note of the accompanying:

1) you should choose the character before you press the choice. Press the capacity key of the character or tap on the picture of the character.

2) Make beyond any doubt you don’t have Auto Level actuated

3) Once you press the choice, Press “C” to enter the character screen and afterward you ought to see the Level Up catch is currently accessible.

4) You may need to hold up a brief span subsequent to squeezing keys for the alternative to grab hold

5) Some regions or zones or characters in the diversion don’t permit step up or the changing of properties in all conditions or all characters. A few regions you just approach a gathering part for a brief span, and so on. The alternatives may not work for you in those cases.

6) In situations where the option(s) don’t have all the earmarks of being working, take a stab at sparing your diversion, shutting the amusement and mentor, and afterward reloading the diversion and restart the coach to check whether that makes a difference.

*Use this link to download DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS MEGA TRAINER (ULTIMATE EDITION) on your Windows or Mac Computer, updated Saturday 14th December 2019:
*Use or download DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS MEGA TRAINER (ULTIMATE EDITION). You can unlock the download link and save it for later:



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