Mentor alternatives

F1 – Infinite Money

F2 – Infinite Fuel

F3 – No Tire Wear

F4 – Low Tire Temperature

F5 – Max Car Condition

F6 – Instant Part Design

F7 – Car Part Max Improvement

F8 – Fast Constriction

F9 – Fast Upgrade

Take note:

To start with you should be in administrator see where move shows up on screen then enact cash cheat and pass a day

In the first place begin a race and once your auto begin moving actuate cheats

In the first place open part plan tab, Select a section like motor and once required time seem to outline the part actuate Instant Part Design cheat, Close the window then open it once more

To start with open Parts Improvements Window, Then actuate Car Part Max Improvements close window and open it again and all parts will be enhanced to the mama.

Open HQ go to new structures, Click on any working to begin and once a window flies of development time and cost actuate quick development cheat, Cancel window then tap on assemble once more

Open HQ go to building overhaul, Click on any working to redesign and once a window flies of required time and cost actuate quick update cheat, Cancel window then tap on update once more

*Use this link to download MOTORSPORT MANAGER: TRAINER (+9) on your Windows or Mac Computer, updated Monday 19th November 2018:
*Use or download MOTORSPORT MANAGER: TRAINER (+9) using your iOS or Android device. You can unlock the download link and save it for later:



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