Mentor alternativesNIFFELHEIM TRAINER

  • F1 – Infinite Health
  • F2 – Infinite Money
  • F3 – Fast Kill
  • F4 – Infinite Items
  • F5 – Mega Items On Picking

Take note:


  • To begin with begin diversion world then actuate wellbeing and cash swindle
  • To start with hit a foe once then actuate quick murder swindle
  • To begin with utilize a thing like a drink then initiate cheat and once you utilize it again it wont go down
  • Initially get a thing or drop a thing then initiate cheat then lift it up and it will be set to 99
*Use this link to download NIFFELHEIM TRAINER on your Windows or Mac Computer, updated Tuesday 18th December 2018:
*Use or download NIFFELHEIM TRAINER using your iOS or Android device. You can unlock the download link and save it for later:



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