Enacting this coach:

Press F1 at primary menu.

Tune in for ‘Mentor Activated’.

Press sought hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the mentor.

Coach Options

Numpad 0 Change Money By 500

Numpad 1 Change Talent Points By 5

Numpad 2 Change Level By 1

Numpad 3 Unlock Everything

Editorial manager Options:

Amusement: Deltatime

Amusement: Money

Amusement: Currentday

Amusement: Previousday

Amusement: Secondsperday

Amusement: Lasthour

Amusement: Lastday

Amusement: Currenthouse

Amusement: Youtuber Selected

Amusement: Lastmonth

Amusement: Num Hours Work

Amusement: Gamepaused

Amusement: Speedfactor

Amusement: Is Time Paused

Amusement: Habitacionlimpia

Amusement: Lasthourlytime

Character: Baseenergyspeed

Character: Basehungerspeed

Character: Basesocialspeed

Character: Basemotivationspeed

Character: Offsetenergyspeed

Character: Offsethungerspeed

Character: Offsetsocialspeed

Character: Offsetmotivationspeed

Character: Motispeed

Character: Main Level

Character: Talent Points

Character: Min Social To Tutorial

Character: Min Motivation To Tutorial

Character: Min Energy To Tutorial

Character: Min Hunger To Tutorial

Character: Current Channel Index

Character: Action

Character: Next Action

Character: Lastday

Character: Future Visitor Index

Character: Party Remaining Time

Character: Job Remaining Time

Character: Job Time

Character: Party Time

Character: Future Video Channel Type

Character: Future Game Index

Character: Is Colaborador


Open Everything:

After actuation everything is opened (this is not changeless).

Extraordinary Hotkeys:

Control + Alt + Shift + C: Cheat Overlay

Control + H Mute Hotkeys

Left Bumper: Controller Trigger

*Use this link to download YOUTUBERS LIFE: TRAINER on your Windows or Mac Computer, updated Thursday 13th December 2018:
*Use or download YOUTUBERS LIFE: TRAINER using your iOS or Android device. You can unlock the download link and save it for later:



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